Sam Longoria

Award-winning Producer / Director / Writer / Editor /
Cinematographer / Actor / Speaker

Sam started making Super 8mm movies at the age of fourteen, and five
years later raised and spent $500,000 to make his first 35mm feature film.

His first Hollywood job was shooting 65mm visual effects for two $50 million features.
He has photographed the President of the United States in the White House,
been a successful "Jeopardy" tv contestant, and appears daily onscreen at
Walt Disney World, in a movie with Mel Brooks and Mickey Mouse.

Sam has shot movies in every format, (8mm through IMAX, DV through 4k),
owned movie and live improv comedy theatres, worked in every area of moviemaking.

His work graces several Academy-nominated films, and one Oscar-winner.
He is a member of several Guilds, and has directed three features of his own,
many movies and television shows, and one hit radio series.

A member of the Visual Effects Society and the Masquers Club in Hollywood,
Sam is an authority on raising money, designing camera shots for maximum
storytelling, and getting great performances from actors, on any size budget.

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Sam has three feature movies, a television show, a newspaper column,
and two national radio series in production.

Sam Longoria is happy.


Sam was born in the crater of a live volcano, on theplanet Mars, at the turn of the century.
He has asthma, and enjoys wheezing for hours,to accompany popular tunes on the radio.
He has a balloonist license,and drops bags of flour on the unwary.

If you are outside, and hear music and wheezing above your head, Look Out!

No, really!

Okay, okay. Born Monday, 12 March 1956, at 5:55 pm, in Ft. Lawton,
Washington. (Now Seattle's Discovery Park.)

Sam's home town is Enumclaw, on the slopes of beautiful Mt. Rainier.
He currently lives in Los Angeles, against his better judgement.


Sam Longoria's hobby is collecting bottle caps, of which he has more than six.


2013 is HISTORY! We're going deeper into the future!

This is obviously a pivotal year,
but too early to tell if it's a good year.


2013 was "Working On A Movie In The City Of His Birth."
Just like going back to Tattooine, only wet. Putting together a nice
Visual Effects Adventure, with some stop-motion, for some nice people.


2012 was "Rescue From An Unexpected Quarter."
Oldest Plot Device, ever.  Sam says, "I'll take it!"
Characters from the First Act return, with New Characters,
2012 made Sam...CHEER!  When he realized it was happening.


2011 was "Applying Knowledge Recently Gained."
Sam listed all the things he'd learned, and organized them,
by Priority. Then he applied them, as quickly as possible.
Because it looked like that was all that could be done.
2011 demanded Sam's Library Skills for the Win!


2010 was Deja Vu, all over again.
Sam lived through 2010, in 1984, and here it is again!
Now his joke "All's Well That Ends Orwell" isn't a joke any more.
World's getting crazy, in familiar ways Sam's only read about.
Sam tells the worms off, and clears Pinafore's Airlock, but his
Space Base is destroyed. And then another one. Man!
2010 was...All Redundant...All The Time!


2009 was a Year Of Galactic Utopia.
Sam's Second Year in Space, with stops on every Outer Planet.
He learns to survive again, but isn't really sure he wants to!
He can talk now, but four-eyed worms whisper at him in the hall!
Hang on, Sam. Help is on the way. Keep the Faith, Pal.


2008 changed everything.  Because it could.
Sam broke his rule, auditioning for Hobby Theatre.  It was good Hobby Theatre, in
a Show and Company Sam had always liked, but it really just made things worse.
Mikado revealed some Lies, and some Treachery.  And some Serious Illness. 
Sam had to start thinking Outside The Box,  and sleeping there, too. 
2008 was...revelatory!  You know, like in every darn Second Act.


2007 was brutal.  No other word for it.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  When the going is as
tough as it got in 2007, even a tough guy thinks about changing his name,
to throw the Angel of Death off his track.  Oh, and his credit history. 
2007 was...unbelievable!  Sam believes it...and he's still here.


2006 was a relentless year.
Sam worked on his movies and book revisions, spoke and safaried in Utah,
did pre-production on his funny monster movie, designed new projects,
mourned some beloved friends and relatives, rejoiced when some of the
sick got better, worked on Nils Osmar's and Tony Watkins's movies, did
some film markets and festivals, redesigned his business model,
and finally admitted he's just been stressed too long.
2006 was...intense!


2005 was an "interesting" year.
Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Flood, American Film Market, Directing, Producing,
Writing, writing, writing, and maxillofacial surgery. 2005 had it all!
I won't bad-mouth 2005,!


2004 was a femaelstrom of tragedy and delight.

Sam went to the Academy Awards again, for his seventeenth attendance.
It was leap year, and a leap of faith.

Sam was Director of Photography for
Nils Osmar's sci-fi movie, "Death Planet."
It was a sleep-deprivation experiment that took up
the month of June. It is a good little movie.

Sam Longoria has re-programmed his Unconscious Mind, and is
working more effectively than ever. You can do it too.


2003 was a whirlwind of activity, and suddenly over...

Sam went to the Academy Awards again, for his sixteenth attendance.
It was wartime, and it was brutal.


Christy and Sam spent the year honeymooning. Sam prepped his movies.

Two highlights...

They caught Joshua Bell's super-good performance with the
equally-super Academy of St. Martin In The Fields chamber orchestra.

Christy's pic of Sam and Josh.

The Firesign Theatre's latest comedy CD "Bride Of Firesign" was
nominated for a Grammy Award, for Best Comedy Album!

Sam rooted for them at the Grammys! Go guys!


I can't believe it! We're in the year 2001! We're in the FUTURE!

Where's my flying car, my rocket-pants?
Why can't I have lunch at the moonbase?
Why are humans still fighting with each other?

The future isn't what it used to be.

The TWENTIETH CENTURY is OVER! Now it's Century Twenty-One!

Sam went to the Academy Awards again, for his fifteenth attendance.
What he saw SHOCKED him! He may keep it locked in his heart forever.

The Firesign Theatre did their first tv special "Weirdly Cool," for PBS.
Phil Austin asked Sam to select the camera angle for
Brian Westley's 360-degree pan shot for their website.

Sam had the 4 or 5 Crazee Guys run in and out of the shot at the proper time,
so they could be in two places at once, when they were really just at CBS.

Sam can be seen in the theatre aisle, dressed fashionably in black leather.
(Which is REALLY HOT at 360 Degrees!)

Sam and Christy GOT MARRIED in a
beautiful little chapel in the woods!
Wish them well!


We hit the double-zero! This was the year Oh-oh!

2000 was a year of transitions.
A hard year, and not easily forgotten.

Hmm...What was I saying?

Oh, yes...

Sam met the 2000 New Year with old friends around a bonfire in the
Washington woods, eagerly awaiting the Y2K end of the world.

(Sadly, the world didn't end, but New Year was still good.
If anyone wants to buy canned goods, his garage is full.)

Sam's friend Bozo decided she liked the woods so much, she ran away
when Sam packed the Cadillac for the trip back to the desert.

Bozo is now what Sam loves to be - wild in the woods.

Sam went to the Academy Awards again, for his fourteenth attendance.
A report of danger, adventure, romance!

Sam's grandmother passed away in May, but Sam can still feel her love.

Sam spoke at many places this year.

Sam and Christy scouted Western locations.

Sam Longoria is working hard, bringing his western feature "Surreal West" to the big screen.


An action-packed year

Countdown: Penultimate millennial odometric zero-reset!

Sam went to the Academy Awards again,
for his lucky thirteenth attendance.

Sam went to the Grammy Awards as well. Sam was backstage.
(Waiting for the Electrician, or someone like him.)

Sam Longoria met Hugh Hefner, the publisher of Playboy Magazine,
at a Hollywood Grammy party. Here is how the meeting went:

You've brought a lot of happiness into my life.

Mine, too.

Sam posed for a picture, with Hef and a Playmate.

Sam Longoria managed to be on hand for most of the Firesign '99 tour,
in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

Sam went to Seattle to care for his ill grandmother (who got better),
visit friends and speak.

Sam met a new friend, whom he likes so much, he took her home with him.
Her name is Bozo.

Sam spoke at Mensa's Convention "The Big One," in Long Beach on the Fourth of July.
(Industrial Light + Magic, the Great Phil Austin, and Legendary Doctor Demento also spoke there.)

Sam's Enormous Red Buick is restored, and lookin' good.

So is Toronado, his big Honda CB750K, even after two spectacular crashes.

Sam helped out in the studio on the new Firesign Theatre DVD, work-titled
"You Don't Get It, Do I?" and finally titled "Boom Dot Bust."

Sam can be heard on the CD, and is credited as "Nuts and Berries!"

In the fall, Sam's beloved Aunt Betty passed away, taking her
wonderful mother's-love and beautiful contralto voice with her.

In November, Sam reconnected with Christy, about whom
he has had recurring dreams for the past decade or so.

Sometimes it takes twenty-seven years to hook up with the girl of your dreams.

The first movie Sam saw in a theatre was "Fantasia."
(Aunt Betty took him there in 1970).

Sam and Mickey at the Fantasia 2000 premiere.

Sam traded in Max, the amazing 260,000-mile Oldsmobile,
for Silver, his trusty white Caddy.

Sam worked hard, writing with John Halvorson,
and doing preproduction on his western feature "Surreal West."


What an amazing year!

Sam went to the Academy Awards again,
his twelfth attendance.
Betsy was on Oscar's Big Screen,
in answer to a prayer.

Some Dreams Come True...

Sam Longoria spent March and April in the
recording studio with his comedy idols, TheFiresign Theatre,
who were far from graven.

It was a month-and-a-half of hysterical laughter,
which Sam needed more than he knew,
after half-a-year going without.

Sam helpedout with the
newest and funniest Firesign Theatre CD recording,
"GiveMe Immortality, Or Give Me Death."

They let Sam play with them on "Immortality."
He's heard on the CD, and credited as "Official ProductionMascot!"

Sam's feature western "Surreal West," with Sam's
favorite Hollywood stars, was mentioned on-air by the great
Doctor Demento on hissyndicated radio program.

(Sam Longoria has been proudly winding up his radio as a Dementoid since 1971.)

"Immortality" is a Rhino Records release, and is selling well.
How well, only time Will Tell.

You can help, Dear Friend. Go buy one, and listen to it
many times. Then buy ten and give them out as presents.
Then buy a hundred, and...well you get the idea.

It is wholesome (it has a whole in the middle),
and decent (decent into madness).

"Frog And Wombat,"which Sam edited last year with Chris Leong,
is playing at film festivals, and has found domestic and foreign distribution.

Sam is Producing and Directing two movies, and Writing four
others. He is Speaking and Touring, and also Touring and Speaking


Huge year. Gigantic year.

Sam edited "Frog and Wombat" for Pigtail Productions. (Cutting in the same room, and on the
same big old 35mm KEM editing table, which was there for "The English Patient," which won 9
Oscars, so no pressure Sam.) It was rather intense working around-the-clock for three months
straight, but it was a good little movie with a good tall director, and Sam got to see his idol, the
brilliant Walter Murch, again. There was jolly fun and all-night ping-pong at the Saul Zaentz Film
Center in Berkeley, with the guys of "Boogie Nights," "The Apostle," and
"Good Will Hunting," just down the hall.

Sam did visual effects for "Dante's Peak."

In "Dante's Peak," Sam helped wash away a bridge, and blow up a
dam, which he so rarely gets to do in private life.

Sam Longoria was in People Magazine, USA Today, The LA Times, The LA Daily News, and
many radio and tv shows, for buying a joke at the Academy Awards from Dana Snow..

The joke was performed by Billy Crystal on the Oscar telecast.
Sam is making the joke into a movie. Really.

Sam teaches Producing and Directing, and has Speaking Engagements all over.

As though he had time, Sam had two big motorcycle accidents, on his big Honda CB750K.
Sam is grateful to Dr. Ivan Raimi, ("Spider-man" Director
Sam Raimi's brother), who sewed up his shoulder.

Here's a controversial letter Sam wrote, which proves that even a solid knowledge
of physics doesn't prevent one from becoming a projectile.


Sam Longoria produced and edited four 35mm feature movies,
ranging in budget from $20k (made in four weeks, on a bet)
to just under $1MM.

Before That

It's all a blur.

"Ghostbusters," and "2010: The Year We Make Contact," and "Terminator," and "Captain Eo.
"Search For The Gods?," "The Adventures of Mark Twain," "Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase,"
The Abyss," "Die Hard," "Spaceballs," "This is Folino," "Aroma," "The Vampire Strikes Back,"
Blowing Super 8mm and Digital Video up to 35mm and shooting cartoons in IMAX
and building cameras and shooting shots and borrowing money on too many movies
to be described, and a thousand violins explode in my mind!

Other Interests

Sam loves Editing movies more than anything, including several biological functions.
Then he likes to Direct, Produce, Write, and Act in movies, in that order. Sam is a Filmmaker.

He's also an Engineer, Inventor, and Precision Machinist,
which is all pretty much the same thing. Got a technical question?

The rest of the time he's an Improv Comedy Producer, Director,
and Player at The WILD SIDE Theatre, in Hollywood.

Sam created and played with the original Hollywood casts
of "SIMUL TREK" and "The WILD SIDE Radio Show."

Sam arranges English words into random patterns, to amuse himself.
Some of these become books, songs, stories, and screenplays.

This is a web page with a purpose.
The purpose is a sea-going mammal, often mistaken for a dolphin.


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