Sam's Oscar Report

4 April 1995 - Hollywood



Sam Longoria here, your Oscar reporter.

I got to the Oscars, and the Governors Ball, at the Shrine Auditorium, and
the Oscar party at Chasen's after.  No surprises as to who or what won,
I'm sure you'll agree, but it was great fun.

Tom Hanks was surrounded by guys with Forrest Gump hair.  John Travolta was
surrounded by guys with "Pulp Fiction" hair.  Elton John's hair was alive,
undulating, with independent motion of its own.

I startled Gary Sinese, the actor up for Best Supporting Actor from "Forrest Gump,"
(whose legs had been CGI erased from the screen) when I blurted (dead-serious,
on introduction) that "Any actor who is willing to have his legs amputated,
to play a role, has my undying respect!"  He looked at me like I was from
under a rock on the dark side of the moon.  Then he got that it was a joke,
and laughed.  He pointed out that he'd had them sewed back on for the ceremony,
and I said yes, or you'd have been up for Best Unsupported Actor.

Congratulations, of course, to friend of The WILD SIDE, Martin Landau, who
deserved, and got the Best Supporting Oscar.  He was there with WILD SIDER
Gretchen Becker, who was stunningly beautiful, even when standing next to Claudia Schiffer.

(Quite an achievement, that.  Claudia is the type of woman that you can walk around,
trying to find an angle where she doesn't look good.  I actually did that for hours,
until David Copperfield insisted I stop, gesturing magically.  At least I think it
was magically.  But it was no use.  She STILL looked good from every angle.)

I told Martin that he was so good, even his makeup got an Award.
He laughed, and Rick Baker, who created the Bela Lugosi makeup, snarled good-naturedly,
and signed my program "Beast Wishes!"

(I got everybody's autographs, as usual.  This is my tenth Oscar Expedition,
first Chasen's party, and it was all quite wonderful.

Then the sun came up, and we all went home.

Best to you,

Sam Longoria

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