Sam Longoria
Box 2449
Hollywood CA USA

(323) 992-6789

Expert pistol/rifle, swords, black belt karate, comic improv.
Horseback and motorcycle rider. I'm in 135 movies, tv shows,
industrials, commercials etc. from "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
(Rutger Hauer, Gene Simmons), as an FBI Agent I broke down
a Kalashnikov AK-47 on-camera, to "Mickey's Audition"
(Mel Brooks, Angela Lansbury, Walt Disney World), I played a circus
strongman in lionskin w/barbell. It's still playing at the park.
3,125 live Hollywood improv comedy shows, and a cult radio show,
"SIMUL TREK." Experienced voice over and looping. Recent Sam Video.

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